My Journey in life living with a chronic illness.... Fibromyalgia.

Hello, and welcome to my Blog! I hope this page helps everyone understand Fibromyalgia and what it's like to live with this chronic illness. I'm not looking for sympathy and I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, I just want people to understand this illness. I hope that you learn something from my Blog. All I ask for is a little understanding and kindness... and from those who Pray... a little prayer for strength maybe? Thanks for following my Blog! Loves, Tab

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too much going on...

Well, I decided to blog after not doing so yesterday. I've been sleeping in late the past three days, sinuses are really beating me up along with this horrible flare I'm in. I've been busy too... Trying to fight off the flare, or am I making it worse? I have been pushing through the pain trying to get my house in order and run errands, trying to get the mountain of laundry done. I can't tell you enough of how sick I am of this painful flare that I'm in, when is it going to let up? I mean the pain never goes away, but having it just barely there would be great! I try not to take too many OTC (Over The Counter) meds because they can do damage eventually. I know because I'm paying for it now... I have Gastritis from taking too many Ibuprophen... I got this before the FMS even showed it's ugly face to me. I injured my back at work and had a horrible quack of a doctor. He was giving me 800mg's of ibuprophen and said I could take up to 8 of them a day, so I did... and now my stomach is a mess. QUACK! ;) Lol But, anyway... I'm getting ready for my Birthday weekend! It's on Saturday and I hope this flare is gone by Friday. Hubby took Friday off work to spend the day with me. I think we are doing a movie (War Horse) and lunch. Then Friday night I'm going to Bingo with my momma, my sister and my niece who's birthday is the day after mine. Then on my actual Birthday Saturday we are doing something... not sure what yet. Hubby also got us tickets to see Celtic Woman for my Bday! They will be in L.A. April 28th... Can't wait! It's so frustrating when the hands don't want to work! Ugh! So on that note.... Goodnight! <3 Loves-Tab

Tomorrow I have decided to write about how and when I think I developed my FMS. (Sorry I had to write that here! The idea came into my head and if I don't jot it down someplace, the Fibro fog would totally set in and I'd forget! FMS is fun like that! Lol)

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