My Journey in life living with a chronic illness.... Fibromyalgia.

Hello, and welcome to my Blog! I hope this page helps everyone understand Fibromyalgia and what it's like to live with this chronic illness. I'm not looking for sympathy and I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, I just want people to understand this illness. I hope that you learn something from my Blog. All I ask for is a little understanding and kindness... and from those who Pray... a little prayer for strength maybe? Thanks for following my Blog! Loves, Tab

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fire and Ice

Hello Friends, I've been in a flare for over a week now, this is getting old. I just wish that the pain would be gone for one day... Oh what I would give to feel "Normal" again, just for a day. Today I have that "Battered and bruised" feeling in my legs, and my muscles feel like they are on fire above my knees and in my shoulder blade area... a burning pain. Sinuses are still a wreck, and migraine is poking at me. I have spots in my leg muscles that feel like I have bruises, but there is nothing there. It feels like someone took a baseball bat to them. Yet, I pushed myself anyway to get all of my errands done. It started off taking my son to school and I was finally done by 4pm, I'm beat! But, I still have dinner to get through and we are going to watch my hubby play hockey... yeah, I know I'm nuts! Lol The ice/cold is going to make all the muscles cramp up, and I'll go into charlie horses. Fibromyalgia and the cold do not get along well. But, I can't let FMS run my life completely... I want to live and not waste away sitting around in the house all of the time. I've done that the past few days... It's no fun because it puts you into a depression just staying cooped up. I love to watch my husband play hockey, it's not often that I can make it to a game. Before FMS, I used to be able to Ice Skate and I was so good at it! I was so fast and I could do a Hockey stop, Crossovers, and could skate backwards and do backward crossovers. That is just one thing that FMS has robbed from me. I miss skating fast and having that icy wind blow across my face. I do sometimes feel a little sad that I can't skate anymore, but I enjoy watching my husband play. Besides I think he looks pretty darn sexy in all that hockey gear! ;) Lol  

Anyway, time to go take something to help the pain... I do not take any prescribed medications for my Fibromyalgia. I take over the counter stuff when it's real bad, things like Aleve, Tylynol Etc. They cut the edge  most of the time. People have asked me sometimes... "Why not" and I have been criticized for not taking prescription medication for it. First of all... that "Lyrica" commercial that you see? The one where one magic pill makes FMS go away? It's a load of crap! Most of my "Sisters" (My Fellow fibro fighters) who take Lyrica still have pain, and many of the wonderful (Being sarcastic) side effects from it. In my opinion, why take it? Why if it's going to give you other side effects and Not help much at all? To me... It's not worth it. I might finally give in if this illness were to end out confining me to my bed. I lean on my faith daily, and God helps me get through my days. As you can tell, I'm Christian... I trust that God will take care of me, and He will carry me when I'm weak. I'm a child of God and He will not let me fall. I tell myself daily "I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me" I even designed a cover for my laptop that reminds me daily. This entry sure turned out long! Lol I expect that the first few will be quite long... then I think they will shorten a bit ;) So bear with me... Lol Alrighty... That is all for now ;)  Loves! -Tab


  1. I like the long posts... and I really enjoy learning more & more about you. I never knew your hubby played hockey or that you used to ice skate. How very cool is that?!? Enjoy your evening, sweetness!! Cheer hubby on for your sisters, too, ok? <3

  2. Thanks Cindy! Yep... Hubby plays hockey. I cheered them on, he played good, but they still lost. :( I used to skate all of the time. I also played hockey for one season until I injured my knee. This is back before I had my son. I'm pretty sure you will learn lots about me ;) <3